Language Educators Getting Ready for the New School Year

Happy New School Year!

As we are getting ready for the new school year, here are some steps and lots of resources to help you get ready!

Step #1: Are you refreshing your WL syllabus for the new school year? Here are some examples for inspiration:…/world-language-syllabi/.


Step #2: How will you teach your students about proficiency? Here are some resources for you:


Step #3: Build relationships with your students and create a supportive learning environment. Here are some resources for you:…/building-relationships…/

Step #4: What will be your opening routine? How about a question or expression of the day?…/19kk02ZzbDggd6…/edit…. Will you begin each class with a positive, encouraging message in the target language?:…/positive-encouraging…/


Step #5: How will you gauge your students’ language proficiency at the start of the school year and build classroom community at the same time? Here are some resources for you:…/speaking-and-writing-in…/. And here are some visuals you can use as prompts:…/visuals-for-speaking-and…/










Step #6: Make yourself a warm fuzzy folder (real or digital) for all positive messages, cards, notes, emails, etc. you have received. When you experience a rough day, it’s your go-to place to focus on the positive, remind you how you have made a difference and how appreciated you are! (photo credit:…/)

Step #7: What scaffolds and supports will you provide your students? word wall? chat mat? expressions of the day? Here are some resources for you:…/target-language-tools…/. Are you a Spanish teacher in search of a word wall? Here’s a free downloadable one:…/gconti_wordwall_0816.pdf


Step #8: What are your class norms/expectations? Will students collaboratively create them (ex. class constitution)?:…/face-to-face-and-online…/


Step #9: Are you planning to share the benefits of being proficient in another language with your students? Here are some resources for you:…/world-language-learning…/


Step #10: Need some brain breaks and mindfulness activities for your students? Here you go: and…/social…/calming-breathing/




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